start2see has worked with the Australian Asphalt Pavement Associaton (AAPA) in developing an Australian PCR appendix for asphalt mixtures.

The document describes additional Product Category Rules for the assessment of the environmental performance of the product category asphalt mixtures (UN CPC 1533 & 3794). It outlines additional criteria to the main PCR for asphalt mixtures (PCR 2018:04 version 1.01; date 2018-10-10) published by the International EPD System for setting out the parameters to prepare an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) according to ISO14025 and EN15804.

A draft is available for open consultation until 2018-12-04. Any stakeholder may comment on the draft by completing the approved feedback form and submitting to the Australasian EPD Programme Secretariat ( Any questions on the document should be submitted to the PCR appendix moderator ( 

The PCR appendix is compliant with the main PCR, EN15804 and General Programme Instructions v3.0, and the Australasian Annex to the General Programme Instructions.

The draft PCR appendix on Asphalt mixtures for public consultation as well as the template for feedback can be accessed here.


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