start2see was established in April 2010. However, its director (Rob Rouwette) has been occupied full time with life cycle assessment studies since 1999. Below you can find examples of some of the key projects that Rob has been involved in.
start2see, Australia (2020) Humes Tamworth,  EPD of precast concrete 
Climate Active
start2see, Australia (2019): Registered Consultant (Organisations; Products & Services) with the  Climate Active carbon neutral program
start2see, Australia (2019) AAPA,  Regional Product Category Rules for Asphalt
start2see, Australia (2018)  IS Materials Calculator v2.0
start2see, Australia (2017) Humes  EPD of Reinforced Concrete Pipes 
start2see, Australia (2016) Fibercon  EPD of plastic concrete reinforcement fibres 
start2see, Australia (2016)  IS Materials Calculator v1.2
start2see, Australia (2015)  BlueScope Steel EPD Verification
start2see, Australia (2012)  LCA of E-Crete for Aurora Construction Materials 
INTRON, Netherlands (2005) LCA of Finer Sand in Concrete
start2see & Build21C, Australia (2012)  Carbon Tax for House Builders and Suppliers 
INTRON, UK (2001) LCA of UK Sewer Systems
Energetics, Australia (2010) (through Energetics)  LCA of bricks and residential buildings
Energetics, Australia (2014)  First carbon neutral bricks in Australia (NCOS LCA)
start2see, Australia (2012) Critical review of Nestle packaging LCA
INTRON, Europe (2001) LCA for steel construction
INTRON, Netherlands (1999-2006) Environmental Product Declarations
start2see, Hong Kong (2013) LCA of water activated batteries (Aquacell)
RMIT, Australia (2007) Building Assemblies and Materials Scorecard
Energetics, Australia (2015) Transport for NSW  Carbon Estimate and Reporting Tool (CERT)