Rob Rouwette, director of start2see , was introduced to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in 1995. Rob has been working full-time on LCA projects since 1999. This makes him one of the most experienced LCA-practitioners in Australia. His background in environmental science/engineering means that Rob has a good understanding of how environmental issues are often connected. This is essential when interpreting the outcomes of a full life cycle assessment, which studies a range of environmental impacts across multiple life cycle stages.
LCA is a great decision making tool. However, before we start on a project we need to make sure that LCA is the right tool for you. start2see assesses the questions and needs from our clients before committing to an approach. You should have a clear understanding of what the project will deliver when we start.

Four stages of LCA Study

Goal and Scope definition
understands how important it is to get this right. We will thoroughly investigate the situation together with our clients, and ask critical questions in order to make the process more robust.

Life Cycle Inventory
start2see can assist you on-site and collect the information while walking through the organisation. Alternatively, you can save money by collecting your own data under our guidance.

Impact Assessment
start2see applies a range of impact assessment methods according to our client’s needs.  

Having such a large amount of experience means that start2see  can get more information out of the LCA. This means better value to our clients.

start2see works to the highest quality standards. We use  ISO 14040:2006 and  ISO 14044:2006 Standards for life cycle assessment as the basis for all our LCAs. We will advise you if your study needs to adhere to these standards (and therefore requires an independent peer review). Rob Rouwette is a recognised LCA expert capable of doing  third party LCA reviews for external parties.  Contact Rob for more information.


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