start2see has recently updated the ISCA Materials Calculator to v2.0 (ISv2.0). (ISAP’s can download ISv2.0 after logging in to ISCA’s website portal.)

You might have heard us talk at the ISCA conference in Sydney on October 18, about how ISv2.0 has been aligned with EN 15804 compliant Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). start2see and ISCA have developed a simple one-page document to assist the infrastructure sector in understanding how EPD data can be entered directly into the new calculator, making it easier to compare products and use those with the lowest environmental impact. 


ISCA brochure - How to enter EPDs in ISv2


Furthermore, through its ISupply program, ISCA is providing manufacturers with an opportunity to have their branded products included in the ISv2.0 calculator. If you want to make the most of your EPDs and add your products to the calculator, then get in touch with ISCA or start2see. You can also contact us if you have any questions about EPDs or the ISv2.0 Materials Calculator in general. We’re happy to help.


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  1. The calculator can be used to inform design to use resources more efficiently and select lower impact materials and product options. IS2.0 Materials Calculator Guideline Page 6 of 17 Version 2.0 July 2018 7 LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT THE BASIS FOR THE IS MATERIALS CALCULATOR Introduction Life cycle assessment LCA is a methodology used to estimate the overall environmental impact of materials or products over their lifecycle.

  2. Supplement the existing guidance in the IS Technical Manual for the Rso-6 credit. ISv2.0 Materials Calculator Guideline Version 2.0 July 2018 Page 5 of 17 6 IS RATING SCHEME MATERIALS Materials category objective The broad objective of the Materials credits of the Resources category is to minimise the consumption of precious resources, optimise resource efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of infrastructure through life cycle cradle-to cradle thinking.

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