start2see has completed a life cycle study for Aurora Construction Materials (ACM) in Melbourne, comparing the greenhouse gas emissions from E-Crete – a geopolymer based concrete product manufactured by ACM – with a reference concrete as defined by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Over the full life cycle (cradle-to-grave) E-Crete reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly two-thirds compared to traditional Portland cement concrete. The emissions reduction potential of E-Crete is fairly consistent (62-66% lower GHG emissions) within the studied range of 20 MPa – 40 MPa concrete strength grades.

To download a free copy of the full report, follow this link: ACM E-Crete LCA Final Report v1 0.


The project run by start2see was very professional and well managed. Timelines were always met and the analysis well explained and documented. We are very pleased with the process overall and highly recommend start2see as an LCA provider.

Digby Crawford, General Manager, Aurora Construction Materials


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