start2see provides fit-for-purpose training and coaching to clients that want to increase their Life Cycle Assessment knowledge and capabilities. Rob’s work as an LCA consultant (since 1999) has given him a large range of first hand experiences that enables him to apply LCA examples to almost any situation.


The most suitable type of training depends on how much exposure to LCA you or your organisation has had, your immediate objectives and your ambition. start2see can provide assistance at all levels, from:

Novice: Get introduced to Life Cycle Thinking. Learn more about the basics behind this technique and see for yourself how this can add value to your business.

Starter: Learn the basics of Life Cycle Assessment. We will take you through all the elements of the ISO14044 standard and explain how they relate to your LCA using practical, real life examples.  

Aspiring LCA consultants: How do you learn the ins-and-outs of LCA? The best way is to perform projects with an expert coach looking over your shoulder and one that is available for feedback throughout the project.

Expert: You know the theory and have managed a number of LCA projects. Do you feel up to the task of becoming an independent peer reviewer? This is your chance to get one of the most experienced LCA practitioners / reviewers in Australia to teach you the process.


Rob is also available for guest lectures at universities and professional societies.

Feel free to contact start2see to discuss your training needs. We are excited about people that want to further their life cycle experience and will go out of our way to find the best solution for you.



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