At start2see, we like to look over the horizon. The world that is being uncovered gives us a lot of inspiration for improving existing processes. That is why start2see enjoys assisting our clients developing or improving their Supply Chain Management (also called Integrated Chain Management) processes. The benefits of truly understanding your supply chain are tremendous. Taking a life cycle approach unveals a greater potential for efficiencies that can be achieved at every level.

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Example for illustrative purposes: The two graphs below show a number of supply chain elements that a shirt manufacturer can influence (in)directly. The first graph refers to downstream processes; the second graph shows upstream processes. Supply chain management typically focuses on every level in the life cycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal. Robust analysis of environmental, social and economic aspects of the life cycle will reveal opportunities to reduce negative impacts and increase positive influences. Coupled with the right marketing approach, you are looking at creating informed and satisfied customers, developing new markets and better returns.

supply chain - downstream

supply chain - upstream


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