Climate Active is the Australian government’s carbon neutral program (previously known as NCOS, the National Carbon Offset Standard). The Climate Active standards set the guidelines for becoming carbon neutral. Before a product/service, building, precinct, event or organisation can buy offsets to achieve carbon neutrality they need to measure their carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions). The Climate Active standards explicitly refer to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) techniques and international LCA Standards (such as ISO14040:2006, ISO14044:2006) as the basis for any measurements. Greenhouse gas reporting standards, such as PAS2050:2011 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Standard are also based on LCA and can be used as the basis for your carbon footprint calculation. You need an LCA expert to understand these Standards and apply them appropriately. start2see is perfectly placed to advise clients about the implications of setting carbon reduction targets. We measure the greenhouse gas emissions of all your activities, including so called scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions).

Rob Rouwette is a Registered Consultant under the “Products and Services” and “Organisations” standards.

Contact start2see to discuss which benefits a carbon reduction or carbon neutrality strategy can have for your organisation.


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