start2see was created in April 2010 by Rob Rouwette. Rob has extensive experience working on Life Cycle Assessment studies in Europe and Australia. The following is a brief overview of his professional history.




2010 – current: start2see, Melbourne, Australia, Director / Life Cycle Expert

Rob decided to divide his time between working for Energetics and starting up a private consultancy in order to be able to service a wider range of clients. It also allows him to participate in projects that have an increased research focus. Rob enjoys working with clients that are passionate about improving the environmental performance of their business and whose actions aim to benefit the wider community. His objective is to make life cycle assessments and life cycle thinking more accessible to a larger audience.


2008 – current: Energetics, Melbourne, Australia, Sr. Consultant

Rob is a senior consultant with Energetics. His focus is on life cycle assessment and carbon footprint studies. Rob helps companies to understand the carbon footprint of their products or operations in order for clients to develop a strategy towards carbon neutrality, achieve energy/cost savings, meet their reporting requirements, or to substantiate their environmental marketing.


2007 – 2008: RMIT University, Centre for Design (, Melbourne, Australia, Research Consultant

At the Centre for Design, Rob fitted perfectly in the LCA group. Apart from being involved in generic LCA projects, he also set up the structure for the Building Assemblies and Materials Scorecard (BAMS). Furthermore, Rob became one of the trainers for the Centre for Design’s LCA training courses.


2006: Rob moved from the Netherlands to Melbourne


1999 – 2006: INTRON (, Sittard, The Netherlands, Environmental Consultant

At INTRON, Rob performed LCAs for a range of clients from the Dutch and European materials and construction sector as well as government departments. As a result of working more than 7 years in the LCA field, Rob has a very broad experience in managing life cycle assessment studies. He has developed a good understanding of how materials are manufactured and where environmental impacts are likely to occur (and can be reduced).


1998: Work and Travel experience Australia


1997: Stichting Metaal en Milieu (Foundation for Metals and the Environment), Zeist, The Netherlands, Environmental consultant

Rob started his career as an environmental consultant with the dutch “Foundation for Metals and the Environment”. This medium sized consultancy (ca. 30 employees) focused on providing environmental, legal & marketing assistance to the metals sector. Rob’s role consisted of identifying environmental, energy and waste savings opportunities within industrial environments (industrial boiler manufacturer; powder coating applier; electroplating industry; etc.). 


1993 – 1997: Hogeschool West Brabant (University of Professional Education West-Brabant) (now Avans:, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands, Environmental Engineering

Rob performed his first LCA project as part of a 5 month work placement at INTRON in 1995!

The environmental science and engineering course introduced Rob to a wide range of environmental issues, such as: industrial products and processes; environmental management; environmental health (toxicology); environmental legislation and spatial planning; soil remediation, water treatment and air cleaning techniques; and life cycle assesment.



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