Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are used to communicate the environmental performance of products, goods and services. The most complete declarations take account of environmental issues over the total life cycle of the product.


EN 15804:2012 specifically establishes the use of the ISO 14040 series of standards in the development of Type III environmental declarations for the product category of construction products.

Type III environmental declarations are primarily intended for use in business-to-business communication, and EN15804 EPD’s can now be used as part of a new GBCA innovation challenge credit to get points in Green Star.

start2see can assist you with:

– understanding the value of EPDs and the new Green Star credits

– creating the EPDs for (building) material manufacturers  

– verifying EPDs.

start2see also undertakes ISO14044 compliant life cycle assessments for development projects, as required by the GBCA’s Green Star ‘Materials Lifecycle Impacts’ credit.

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