The Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS) organises three conferences in November 2015:

AgriFoodLCA (23-24 Nov) will provide the opportunity for the food sector to understand the global environmental developments that will shape the environmental future of the industry. Global concern about environmental impacts of the agricultural sector has increased dramatically during the past 10 years. Through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the sector can not only improve performance but also ensure benchmarks for entry to specific markets are achieved. The inaugural ALCAS Conference on LCA in Agriculture and Food will present new data, tools and approaches showing how to ride the wave of business opportunities that emerge from transforming to a more sustainable society. It will also host discussions on how a systematic approach to combat climate change and promote sustainability is key to achieving a low carbon economy.

Life Cycle Management (LCM) Australia 2015 (24-26 Nov) is a great conference for anyone who wants to get a broad understanding of how Life Cycle Assessment is used across a range of sectors and organisations. Life Cycle Management presents growth opportunities for companies across all sectors. By understanding the environmental impact of products, companies can improve performance and identify opportunities for reducing capital and operating costs. Bringing together different skill sets within companies and looking at products and services systematically, LCM drives innovation and can lead to more efficient production, greater wealth creation and employment growth. The 9th Australian Conference for LCM and LCA will enable business leaders and policy makers and industry experts to explore the strategic application of life cycle approaches. Through understanding the drivers and benefits of LCM and sharing their experiences in implementation, attendees will gain insight into the latest tools and work together to develop collaborative approaches.

AusBuildLCA (26-27 Nov) is unmissable for sustainability managers in the building and construction sector. Material suppliers will get insight into what information customers are looking for, how to provide this information and how to improve your business and products while doing so. Project developers will learn how to find more sustainable products, and how to use this to their advantage (for example in Green Star, LEED or the IS (Infrastructure Sustainability) rating tools. There are exciting new opportunities to benefit from LCA through new data (AusLCI), communication formats (Australasian EPD Programme) and users. If you want to be at the forefront of sustainability opportunities in the buildings / infrastructure / construction sector in Australia; then this conference is a must. 


For more details, programmes and registration go to:


ALCAS conference 2015


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