The Infrastructure Sustainability Materials Calculator (IS Materials Calculator) provides a level playing field assessment tool for materials lifecycle impacts across different infrastructure projects and assets.

As you may know, start2see has been supporting the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) for around ten years with development and maintenance of the IS Materials Calculator.

The current IS Materials Calculator is aligned with the EN15804+A1:2013 standard, and the time has come to update the calculator and align it with the updated EN15804+A2:2019 method. For users of the calculator, the most visible aspect of an update will be a change in the environmental indicators that underpin the IS EnviroPoints. With that, a new version of the IS EnviroPoints will be incorporated.

As ISC needs to consider existing EPDs that align with the EN15804+A1 standard, it is almost unavoidable to have two versions of the calculator in parallel for some time. As ISC already has two versions of the calculator, one for Australia and one for New Zealand, this would result in four tools being run in parallel. It is easy to see that this situation provides a great opportunity to undertake a major update and create a single tool that covers both regions, as well as both versions of the EN15804 standard.

start2see is partnering with Michel Consulting in developing the combined calculator tool.

As we believe that the update to EN 15804+A2 is an important step forward for the infrastructure sector, start2see is also pleased to contribute to the project through sponsorship.

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